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We try to make things as easy and convenient as possible, so we have a list of some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

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How do we secure our Event Date?

If the Event Date is available, there is a $200 non-refundable Deposit or 20% of the Event Total (whichever is greater). This is required to Book your Event Date.

Is there a Deposit?

Yes. There is a $200 non-refundable Deposit or 20% of the Event Total (whichever is greater). The deposit becomes your first payment toward the balance of the Event Total. This is required to Book your Event Date.

When is Full Payment Due?

Full payment is Due 2 Weeks before the Event Date. We Accept Cash, Check, or Venmo/Paypal.

Do you accept a Credit Card?

Yes and No. We Accept Cash, Check, or Venmo/Paypal, which works like a Credit Card Service for us. We do offer Payment Plans as well. Full Payment is required 2 weeks before Event Date. Any other payment questions can be discussed before Event Contract is signed.

When do I sign my Contract?

Once an Event Contract is agreed on, we will have the contract ready to be signed and a deposit made. You will receive a copy of the Event Contract as well. Once this is done, you have secured your Event Date.

Are there any Setup/Tear down Charges?

No. There are no setup or tear down charges with our event packages. We arrive 2 hours or more before your event, depending on setup needs. We are usually torn down and out the door within an hour of the end of the event.

Is Gratuity Included with my Pricing?

No. Gratuity is not included in the event pricing. Gratuity is always greatly appreciated and helps us know we excelled in our service. Average gratuity is 10-20% of the total event pricing.

What does the DJ wear for my Event?

We customize our attire for every specific event. From casual to black tie tux events, even costumes for those special theme events, we try to match the style and colors of your event.  Our typical Wedding attire is a 2 piece suit, button up shirt, and tie. 

Is there anything the Venue or I need to provide the DJ?

Yes. 2 Standard power outlets and overhead shelter are the only things required. We bring everything else we would need for a successful event.

Are you able to take requests from guests?

Yes. We are always able to take requests and fulfill them to the best of our abilities. We try to use a “DJ Filter” for when it is the right time to play “certain” song requests. We also can setup a NO PLAY LIST with you or setup to not take any requests for the evening.

What is a Concierge DJ?

We consider ourselves as a Concierge DJ because we go above and beyond in every aspect of your event. From the music, announcements, to matching attire, we try to customize ourselves to fit your needs. We have our own Wedding Survival Kit with helpful items that may be needed through out the night. Things like mints/gum, safety pins, lint roller, stain stick, wipes, ibuprofen, and more. We pride ourselves on our coordination between the venue, caterers, and any other vendors, helping ensure the success of your event.

Are you able to assist in Custom Music Selection and Event Music Planning?

Yes. We are always there to help with music selection, planning music for your event, and even helping find other services with our Specialty Vendors.  We provide Event Planning Forms to assist with creating your perfect event. We are available for in-person meeting, phone, text, email, or video conferences.

Will there be a Wireless Microphone for Speeches and Announcements?

Yes. We provide a Wireless Handheld Microphone with all of our event services.

Is there a Backup DJ if something were to happen the day of the Event?

Yes. We are proud of the fact we have never missed an event. We have multiple individuals fully trained, and will always have an On Call DJ for your event.

What happens if there is an Equipment issue?

We pride ourselves on having high quality professional equipment for all of our events but equipment and technology does fail from time to time, so we bring backup equipment for just that instance.

Is there a Wireless Lapel Microphone available for the Officiant?

Yes. We do have a Wireless Lapel Microphone available for officiants during ceremonies or other special events. (Extra $50 Charge) We prefer not to use a Wireless Microphone for ceremonies due to potential signal interruption and other wireless issues.

Are you able to accommodate Live Musicians and Vocalists?

Yes. We have an extensive Live Sound background and extra equipment available to accommodate most Live Musicians and Vocalists. Extra charges may apply. More specific needs, equipment availability, and limitations must be discussed before your event date.

My Event needs music in Separate Areas, are you able to accommodate?

Yes. We have extra equipment and sound systems available to fulfill individual event needs. More specific needs, equipment availability, and limitations must be discussed before your event date.

My Event is going to be held Outdoors, are there any extra considerations needed for the DJ?

Yes. As with any event, we would require a standard power outlet and some form of overhead shelter. We have a smaller canopy for ceremonies and smaller event setups we bring if inclement weather is projected at no charge. We do reserve the right to stop or pause a performance if inclement weather becomes a safety issue.

My Event Space Size is Limited, how much space does the DJ need for the Equipment?

Our equipment can be customized to fit most spaces, but our DJ Booth with speakers requires a 9 x 6 ft. area minimum.

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